50 Years of Human Rights

Progress Towards Abolition Progress Towards Abolition
Over two-thirds of the countries in the world have abolished the death penalty in law or practice. In the U.S., 16 states have put an end to state-sanctioned killing. Join the winning fight toward a world without the death penalty.
Maternal Health Maternal Health
Around the world, one woman dies every 90 seconds from complications of pregnancy or childbirth; that's more than 350,000 per year. Many of these deaths are preventable. All women have the right to access quality maternal health care, regardless of race, ethnicity or income.
Amnesty: 50 Years Amnesty: 50 Years
Amnesty International grew from one man's appeal into a global movement of over 3 million members, in more than 150 countries. This dramatic timeline highlights Amnesty's work – protecting all rights for all people since its founding in 1961.
Security With Human Rights Security With Human Rights
Canadian citizen Mahar Arar suffered imprisonment and torture because of the actions of US officials. Follow his capture at New York's JFK airport to his rendition and eventual release. The number of people it takes to help end torture? One - YOU!
Write for Rights Write for Rights
Join Amnesty International's annual Global Write-a-thon to make a difference in the lives of individuals at risk. By the proven power of writing letters, authorities are pressured to release those who have been unjustly imprisoned and to stop the torture and abuse of others.