Toast to Freedom

Toast to Freedom

Thank you for joining our celebration of Amnesty International's 50th Birthday!

We have some amazing materials to help you plan a Toast to Freedom party. Just click on the links below to download our posters, script, and more for your event, or to watch our anniversary films.

You can also contact your regional office at 866-A-REGION (866-273-4466) for printed copies of the documents, membership postcards or to get more involved.

Your event can be as creative as you want. It's a chance to reach out to other organizations, human rights advocates, and Amnesty members and partners and to recommit to building a world of human rights for all. And, we need your help in asking 5 new people to become members. If each person asks 5 more people, it can make all the difference in stopping violence against women, ending torture or abolishing the death penalty.

Amnesty International's 50th Anniversary Films

We're excited to share a few films with you that you might want to present at your very own Toast to Freedom event. Use any or all of them as a preview to a panel discussion or group meeting. You can post them to your facebook page or blog or tweet about them and you can use the YouTube link to show the films directly at your event or request a copy from us. The 3 minute long, Shine a Light on Human Rights film premiered at the 2011 AGM in San Francisco and it celebrates Amnesty International's 50th anniversary calling on viewers to join our movement and to make a difference. The other two films document the history of Amnesty International from its very first days, and encourage us to think about how we will continue our important human rights work over the next 50 years.

Watch Videos


Three editable posters that you can use to advertise your party.

Facebook/Twitter Icon

Toast to Freedom image (two glasses being raised!) that can be used as an icon online.


The Amnesty Story:"Together for Human Rights"

We have created a 20 pg booklet about who Amnesty is, what we do, and how we make change together, along with information about activists around the world!


Script for Your Toast to Freedom

A sample script you can use at your event to toast freedom!

To support the Toast to Freedom launch of [email protected] and to draw attention to this global moment were streaming all images of the Toast to Freedom events live on the [email protected] web space hosted on

This set captures hundreds of toasts worldwide -- whether at tea parties or festivals, candlelit dinners or theatres, concerts or your own home. Organize your own toast -- it only takes a cup and a camera -- and add your photos to the gallery. Be a part of this iconic moment.

Together let us raise a glass in recognition that human rights belong to everyone, and will one day be enjoyed by all of us. To courage, solidarity and freedom.

To include your section or structure's images just upload your images to Flickr

Toast to Freedom Script