Organizing My City

Amnesty is Building Centers for Human Rights Activism

Whether you’re passionate about ending poverty, stopping torture, abolishing the death penalty or another local human rights issue, Amnesty’s activists and local partners are coming together to provide an open space for achieving human rights impact.

People from all walks of life are organizing cities around a common cause – human rights! Together with individuals, groups and local organizations, we are organizing to build centers of human rights activism in cities and towns across the country that focus on growing the base of individual supporters for human rights. Activists are educating and mobilizing the local community on human rights issues and working with local legislators to secure human rights in cities and towns across America.

By providing an open space for people to build campaigns that suit their local community context, we’re reaching more communities on human rights issues, building stronger alliances and giving activist a way to change our world. Our special project is driven by four common principles:

  • Campaigning on a common Human Rights Agenda
  • Working in a Diverse Context
  • Building Alliances in your community
  • Organizing to win Human Rights Victories!

Who Can Join This Movement?

Everyone is invited to join this movement. In some cities our student and local groups are leading the way to open up a space for human rights activism. In other cities, individual members have come together to begin building a network of human rights activists.

Participants have all sorts of skills and interests at different levels. Our staff and member leaders are trained to bring you and a core group of leaders through the process. However, we’re also looking for people who are passionate about online and offline organizing, from citizen journalists and community organizers to fundraisers, trainers and story tellers.

Everyone is invited, from all races and ethnicities, all gender identities and all economic backgrounds and all ages. We’re here to roll up our sleeves and dig in to make human rights a reality for all people.

How Can I get Involved?

If you are interested in starting your own centre of human rights activism in your city, contact your state’s Field Organizer to learn more. Click here to contact the Field Organizer working with your state or call 866-A-REGION (866-273-4466).