Security with Human Rights Campaign Resources

Security with Human Rights Campaign Resources

Security with Human Rights Spring 2013 Action Guide

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Security with Human Rights campaign brochure


Information about the campaign for activists and others.

Security with Human Rights Campaign One-Pager
A simple one page document with key information about the campaign to share with others.

Quotes from members of the Military and Intelligence Communities
A list of quotes from members of the military and intelligence communities against torture, illegal detention and Guantanamo, and for accountability for human rights violations.

Security with Human Rights Speakers List
Raise awareness and inspire action in your community by holding an event with one of these engaging speakers.

Questions and Answers on Extraordinary Rendition
This Q&A document looks at rendition and considers the legality of secret detention; victims of rendition; black sites, their location and conditions; involvement of the USA in this practice; states' responsibility for aircraft passing through their territory, and much more.

12-Point Program for the Prevention of Torture
Amnesty International calls on all governments to implement the following 12-point program and invites concerned individuals and organizations to ensure that they do so.