Americas Human Rights

Many governments across the Americas fail to comply with their commitments to uphold fundamental human rights. Widespread torture, unlawful killings by police and arbitrary detention persist. The "war on terror" undermines human rights in the name of security.

Crime levels remain high in some parts of this region due to the availability of weapons and the legacy of civil wars. Governments respond with tougher legislation, often blurring military and police roles by deploying military forces to deal with crime and social unrest.

Members of human rights groups, trade unions and indigenous groups face intimidation, harassment and death threats in some countries in the Americas. The reluctance by the authorities to investigate present and past human rights violations perpetuates impunity.

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In Hostile Terrain

Our latest report shows that the United States is failing in its obligations under international human rights law to ensure rights for immigrants.

Beatriz is recovering!

Beatriz, a pregnant mother in El Salvador who could have died after being denied life-saving treatment, finally received medical care. Send Beatriz your well wishes

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