Annual Report: Armenia 2013

May 23, 2013

Annual Report: Armenia 2013

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Conscientious objectors

By the end of the year, more than 30 men were serving prison sentences for refusing to perform military service on grounds of conscience. Alternative civilian service remained under military control. On 27 November, the European Court of Human Rights, in its fourth decision against Armenia on conscientious objection, found that Armenia had violated the rights of 17 Jehovah’s Witnesses in the case of Khachatryan and Others v. Armenia. The Court found that the rights of the Jehovah’s Witnesses to liberty and security, as well as the right to compensation for unlawful detention, had been violated. They faced criminal charges and detention because they had left their alternative service when they realized that they were under military control.

Amnesty International visits/reports

  • Amnesty International delegates visited Armenia in June.
  • Armenian authorities must protect free speech and ensure safety for Azerbaijani film festival organizers (EUR 54/001/2012)