Romania legal system condemning Roma to poor housing

June 23, 2011

Romania legal system condemning Roma to poor housing

“In addition, the Romanian government has so far failed to introduce an effective system that would hold local authorities accountable for non-compliance with human rights treaties to which Romania is a state party.”  

Amnesty International has been campaigning together with Bucharest-based NGO Romani CRISS for justice for the Romani community that was forcibly evicted from the center of Miercurea Ciuc in 2004, to be resettled by local authorities in inadequate housing next to the sewage treatment plant in the outskirts of the city.

“Local authorities and the government of Romania have been consistently ignoring their human rights obligations towards these people, who were thrown away like garbage, and have for the last seven years been living in inhumane conditions as a result of the municipal action.”  

“The envisaged reform of the legislation is an opportunity for the government of Romania to bring its national legal framework on housing in line with international and regional human rights standards. It can also ensure that any funds drawn by local and national budgets or the EU will not be used for housing projects breaching international human rights standards.”