Student Activist Award

Student Activist Award


One exceptional Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) student group will receive the Student Activism Award for their outstanding efforts on behalf of human rights. The Student Group will be awarded the award at the Annual General Meeting annually. The winners will exemplify the work of coming together in community to protect people from human rights abuses regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Student Activism Award winners will also be provided one round-trip travel arrangements to AIUSA's 2015 Annual General Meeting in Brooklyn where one member of the group will accept the award on behalf of the group’s efforts and achievements.

Desired Qualities

Candidates for the Student Activism Award should be student groups who have shown a strong track record of activism and who hold a stable engagement with the work and principles central to Amnesty International and the human rights movement.

Consistency and persistence in human rights work, such as sustained work on behalf of a prisoner of conscience, steadfast campaigning on a particular human rights issue, or building up a group over a substantial period of time, will be valued over successful onetime events.

Groups who have been actively engaged with trainings, Regional Conference and previous Annual General Meetings are highly encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Requirements

AIUSA student groups from any region in the United States are invited and encouraged to apply. Applicants representing under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. In order to be eligible for the Student Activism Award, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • All members of the student group must be enrolled in high school, college/university, or community college at the time of application;
  • The Student Group must have been active and an officially registered as an AIUSA Student Group for at least two years at the time of application;
  • Be able to attend the AIUSA Annual General Meeting March 20-22, 2015 in Brooklyn, NY.

How to Apply

To be considered for the Student Activism Award, applicants should submit the following materials by February 10th. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Personal statement (500 words) identifying the human rights issue(s) and bodies of work, including organizing and activism skills, the group has been the most active with. Include how or why the group is interested in these areas.
  2. Two letters of recommendation. The first letter must be from an AIUSA staff member or faculty advisor. The second letter must be from the groups Student Activist Coordinator (SAC).

All materials can be submitted electronically to [email protected] by 5:00pm EST on March 10th.